Realism Paintings in Oil by Khalda Hamouda

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REALISM ART GALLERY - Middle Eastern Oil Paintings

Middleastern Oil Paintings

The followings are a quick images overview of oil paintings by Khalda Hamouda in realism style, including portraits , landscape, floral, expressionism and conceptual original oil paintings on canvas or on board. For addittional details about this painting's online art gallery check link of Paintings Table in the Menu to view each painting's dimension, year of production and to access image enlargment links.

A dream in Washington

A dream in Washington - Code Serial No. : 01

The last memory

The last memory - Code Serial No. : 02

Soliman Gohar street

Soliman Gohar street - Code Serial No. : 04

I am happy

I am happy - Code Serial No. : 05

Don't leave me

Don't leave me - Code Serial No. : 06

I am free

I am free - Code Serial No. : 07

A little of hope

A little of hope - Code Serial No. : 08

Angel on the way

Angel on the way - Code Serial No. : 09


Innocence - Code Serial No. : 10

Cairo Nile

Cairo Nile - Code Serial No. : 11

My flowers

My flowers - Code Serial No. : 12


Relax - Code Serial No. : 13

After hope

After hope - Code Serial No. : 14

The endless love

The endless love - Code Serial No. : 15

Sleep on the Nile - Landscape in oil

Sleeping on the Nile - Code Serial No. : 16

The 15th of May Bridge - Landscape in oil

The 15th of May Bridge - Code Serial No. : 17

A poor girl - portrait in oil

A Poor Girl - Code Serial No. : 18

A poor boy - portrait in oil

A Poor Boy - Code Serial No. : 19

A Spring in Al Geziera - abstract in oil

A Spring in Al Gaziera - Code Serial No. : 21

God's Will - Conceptual in oil

God's Will - Code Serial No. : 22

Thanks God - Conceptual in oil

Thanks God - Code Serial No. : 23

Back to Cairo - Landscape  oil on board

Back to Cairo - Code Serial No. : 27

Only by God - Conceptual oi on boardl

Only by God - Code Serial No. : 29

Allah Almoez - Conceptual oil on board

Allah Almoez - Code Serial No. : 31

Realistic Middle Eastern oil paintings.
Contemporary and Modern Egyptian Fine Arts.

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